George Semple

George Semple, Commission Agent and China Clay merchant, 34, 38, and 40, South Kinning Place.—

    This firm is one which is widely known among many of the larger industries. Mr. Semple established his business in 1878 at 76, West Howard Street with stores in St. James and Crookston Streets, and in 1882 removed to his present more commodious premises.

    China clay is used greatly in connection with the earthenware and textile industries, among which Mr. Semple’s name is renowned. He holds large stocks of china clay for potters, paper makers, and calico printers, with whom he does an extensive trade. Ball and cutty clays for potters and pipe-makers, and mineral white and barytes of the best quality are also stocked.

    His trade, which extends all over Scotland, has continued to increase, and now his business is the most extensive of its kind in the west of Scotland, and is in the most flourishing condition. A large shipping trade is done, and there is every facility for the execution of orders. This is due in a great measure to the unvarying excellent qualities of the materials in which Mr. Semple deals, and also to his ability and energy and well-known integrity.

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