John Shanks

John Shanks, Family Grocer, and Tea, Wine and Spirit merchant, 5, Helen Street, Govan.—

    Mr. John Shanks commenced business in Ayrshire in 1852, and removed to the premises he now occupies in 1880. He carries on the trade of family grocer, and tea, wine
and spirit merchant, and has a most excellent connection. Mr. Shanks has always cultivated a family trade, and being well aware that such a connection can only be established upon the basis of supplying really genuine and superior wares, he has acted accordingly, and has invariably stocked his establishment with the primest and best goods.

    There is only one article he reckons a speciality, and that is his old blended whisky (known as the “Fine Highland Blend”), and for this commodity he claims a word of extra praise, inasmuch as competent connoisseurs are unanimous in describing it as being equal to anything to be obtained in this line in Glasgow ; and this favourable opinion is endorsed by the public, who patronise it to a large extent. The price of this article is very moderate.

    Mr. Shanks occupies an elegantly furnished double shop of handsome appearance, and his stock may, without exaggeration, be pronounced super-excellent. Mr. Shanks’s personal popularity and honourable repute have contributed in no small degree to his uninterrupted success.

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