Shaw & Mclnnes

Shaw & Mclnnes, Ironfonnders, Firhill Iron Works, Springbank.ó

    Among the principal firms in the iron trade there are none with a better reputation than that of Messrs. Shaw & Mclnnes, the well-known ironfounders of Glasgow. The business was originally established about 1858 by Mr. James Shaw at Maryhill. In 1865 he removed to the present address, and the firm then became known as at present.

    The premises are widely known as the Firhill Ironworks, and are situated at Springbank. They cover a very considerable ground area, and comprise spacious workshops, foundries, &c., the whole of the establishment being admirably fitted with all the necessary plant. A large number of hands are employed. A special business is done in manufacturing cast-iron pipes for gas, water, or steam, with different kinds of joints, such as those known by the terms of plain, turned, and bored and flanged. Pipes are also manufactured according to engineersí special designs, and the firm devote very careful attention to the work they produce in this direction. All descriptions of pipes for hot-water heating apparatus are also made in large quantities, in addition to rain-water pipes, stove pipes, and various others incidental to house-building and sanitary purposes. Gutters are also made in various shapes and sizes. It will thus be seen that the firmís business is exceedingly comprehensive in its scope. In every department the firm devote special care to the quality of the work produced, all their goods being well made and of the very best class of material.

    They have thus gained a great reputation among all the leading houses engaged in industries connected with the use of such goods as are produced at the Firhill Ironworks. The proprietors have a widespread and influential connection in all parts of the world, and particularly in these islands There are branches in London, Liverpool, and Birmingham, and they command a very extensive business through the medium of each. The firm are well known, and occupy a deservedly leading position in the trade.

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