W. S. Shuttleworth & Co.

W. S. Shuttleworth & Co., Tea Importers, London. Agency, 33, Ann Street.

    This business ranks among the oldest in the tea trade. The headquarters of this firm are in London, where they have very spacious warehouses and offices at 34, Fenchurch Street, and 7, Mincing Lane, and employ a large staff of tea-tasters, samplers, clerks, travellers, &c. As far as Glasgow is concerned the business has been in existence for upwards of half a century.

    They import both from China and India, and deal on a very extensive scale. They supply most of the wholesale houses in various parts of the kingdom, having agents in every leading centre to represent them. They have over a dozen representatives in Canada and the United States, and besides do a large continental trade. The Glasgow depot forms the medium of the transactions that are connected with the trade in the west of Scotland. It may be here remarked that the firm keep no stock in Glasgow. All the various growths of tea are kept in bond at the London stores until sold. The connection from the Glasgow establishment is very extensive, including most of the large firms both in the wholesale and shipping line. They have no retail accounts here. The Glasgow branch of the business is very ably conducted under the direction of Mr. Archibald Porteous as agent, and it is to his energetic management that the present thriving and increasing trade is largely due.

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