W. S. Sime

W. S. Sime, Bookseller, 180, Sauchiehall Street.—

    This business was founded in 1837 at 32, Cowcaddens. Thence it was removed, in 1852, to 153, Sauchiehall Street, where it remained for eighteen years. It has been located at its present address since 1871. The original founder was Mr. William Sime, whose “circulating library” in the Cowcaddens for sixteen years afforded instruction with amusement to the readers of the district. Mrs. Oliphant’s heroine, in her novel “ Harry Muir”, declares she never met with such delightful books as those in Mr. Sime’s library. The business is now in the hands of Mr. William S. Sime, who occupies a large establishment well fitted for the trade.

    There is a large stock of books, comprising both new and second-hand, in all classes of literature. A speciality is made of school books and works for educational purposes. They include Latin and Greek classics, and degree subjects at Glasgow University. There is a large supply of high-class works on mathematics, moral philosophy, natural philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, botany, zoology, engineering, navigation, medicine, law, and books for the use of divinity students. In these branches of literature a large trade is done among an influential connection. The best works by the most renowned writers, ancient and modem, English and foreign, are to be had at this establishment.

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