Robert Sinclair & Co.

Robert Sinclair & Co., Manufacturers of Shirts and Collars, See., 72, Glassford Street.

    This business, conducted under the style of Robert Sinclair & Co., was established in the year 1851, and at the present time the sole partners in the concern are Messrs. J. N. Work, W. C. S. McGlashan, John McMaster, and Robert Montgomery. The firm are manufacturers of shirts and collars of every description. The firm have factories in Glasgow and Londonderry, with branches in London, Manchester, and Liverpool. They are one of the most extensive firms in the shirt and collar trade, enjoying a repute second to none, and enjoy a connection which extends to all parts of our islands and all over the world, for either quality, workmanship, style, or value. The warehouse at the above address is a spacious building consisting of three flats, and the stock is of great extent and variety.

    The commercial status of this house stands so high, and their fame as manufacturers is so world-wide, that to attempt to add anything in the form of eulogy would be superfluous ; and therefore we shall only observe further, that vast as is their trade at the present time, both at home and abroad, we believe that it still goes on increasing from year to year. This fact speaks more in favour of the concern than would a whole volume of commendation.

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