Samuel Smillie

Samuel Smillie, Coppersmith and Brassfounder, Havelock Copper Works, 71, Lancefield Street.—

    Mr. Samuel Smillie has been established in business since the year 1879 as a coppersmith and brassfounder. He does a most extensive trade and has a first-class connection, His works cover an area of 1,240 square yards, and the coppersmith and brass- finishing- work is conducted in separate departments, and the brass-founding in another. He employs altogether a staff of sixty workmen. The establishment is fitted up throughout in excellent style ; in fact, the works were erected expressly for the particular trade now carried on. Mr. Smillie undertakes every description of brass and copper work, special attention being given to marine engine work, and enjoys a very high reputation.

    He is a thoroughly practical man, and the inventor of several apparatus which have been patented. In the first place we will mention two, viz. “Smillie’s Patent Condenser” and “Smillie’s Patent Instantaneous Feed-Heater”. The former of these is an apparatus for distilling aerated fresh water from salt water for ships’ use. The water produced by this condenser is pure, palatable, and ready for immediate use. It is the most effective and strongest apparatus for this purpose yet invented, and it is simple in construction and easily taken to pieces for examination and cleaning, and can be put together again by an ordinary workman. These condensers are fitted with Smillie’s aeration valve, which thoroughly aerates the condensed water. A filter of most approved design is fitted to each condenser and forms a base for the same. These condensers are specially adapted for troop, emigrant, and cattle ships, and can be supplied to condense any quantity of water. The patent instantaneous feed-heater is adapted for either land or marine boilers, and, its patentee claims for it that it is the strongest, simplest in construction, most durable and efficient made, and amongst other advantages that are gained by its use are great saving of fuel, maintenance of equal temperature in the boiler, and prevention of “priming”. For distillers, brewers, dyers, bleachers, or others requiring large quantities of hot water this apparatus is invaluable. Both these inventions were exhibited at the Edinburgh International Exhibition of 1886, and in each case a silver medal (the highest award) was given to the inventor for excellence of design.

    In addition to the foregoing specialities he has also patented and manufactures an improved evaporator for producing fresh water for marine boilers. It is fitted with an automatic arrangement, by means of which the salt water flows into the evaporator as required, and the water-level is kept uniform without any attention on the part of the engineer in charge. This apparatus possesses great efficiency, and is by far the most compact and complete evaporator yet introduced. It is sure to command the attention of superintendent engineers and inspectors. We understand that Mr. Smillie has arranged to show his evaporator and condenser at work in the International Exhibition at Glasgow this year. Mr. Smillie is a first-rate master ; he has secured a superior commercial reputation, and conducts his business upon the most straightforward and honourable lines.

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