Smith, Findlay & Co.

Smith, Findlay & Co., Shawl Manufacturers, 14, and 22, West Nile Street.—

    Established ten years ago under the name of Smith, Smith, & Co., this firm received its present designation in 1881. Mr. Donald George Smith, however, is now the sole proprietor. The business is carried on in an extensive flat reaching from Nos. 14 to 22 in West Nile Street.

    The premises are very completely fitted up as offices and warehouse, and contain a thoroughly representative stock of the firm’s manufactures. These include shawls of every description, from the very lowest possible quality in cotton to the finest silk or woollen. Besides an immense variety of fancy, checked, and striped shawls, there are black and coloured cotton and merino shawls, with every variety of fringe, and differing in a hundred other particulars which only a complete examination could depict, varying in size from the small cotton or wool handkerchief for the head to an immense cover-all which would almost serve for a tent. Mauds, plaids, and tartans of every clan, scarfs and shoulder wraps of every shape and material, are manufactured as required by wholesale houses and shipping firms.

    The goods manufactured by the firm are sent to all parts of the world. To facilitate correspondence they have availed themselves of the postal telegraph regulations, and registered the description of their trade “Shawls, Glasgow”, as their telegraphic address.

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