J. S. & S. Smith

J. S. & S. Smith, Manufacturers, Nursery Mills, 9, South York Street.—

    In connection with the manufacture of carpets a well-known firm which thoroughly represents that important industry in Scotland is that of J. S. & S. Smith, the celebrated patentees and sole manufacture of the famous patent ingrain carpets in yard widths and squares, woollen and Adelaide rugs and mats, bed covers, &c., Nursery Mills here. The present members of the firm established their business in Thistle Street, in the year 1870, and removed to their present extensive works in 1882. Covering nearly two acres of ground the Nursery Mills are amongst the largest in this great manufacturing centre. They are admirably designed to suit the trade, and consist of five-storey buildings which are used as a weaving factory and warehouses ; these being enclosed on two sides by one-storey buildings in which are situated the offices, designers’ room, dye-house, and three fine weaving sheds lighted from the roof.

    The firm’s chief manufactures comprise their famous finger rugs, so called from having the deep velvet pile all fringed in by the weaver’s hand ; the Kidder or Scotch carpet, which continues to be the most beautiful and durable, and holds its place as a favourite against all others excepting the more expensive velvet pile carpets. Among the specialties of this house may be mentioned their “Patent Ingrain” Kidder or Scotch carpet in yard widths and seamless bordered art squares. By this clever method of weaving the two-ply carpets are made uniform in thickness in every part, it being two-ply throughout, and unlike the common Scotch carpet, it is as perfect on the one side as the other. By means of Messrs. Smiths’ patent processes in manufacturing this carpet the most beautiful shaded designs are brought out on both sides. The weft in these carpets, no matter whether they are of two or three plies, is thrown up to show their rich colours equally on both sides, and it is notable that all the qualities are woven in the same loom, with the same warp threads ; all that is necessary to make variations in colours, quality, and design of pattern being to change the weft and the pattern card on the Jacquard machine.

    It should also be mentioned that Messrs. Smith have fitted up a large number of looms to weave the new reversible carpets, and that the weaving is found to be as much easier for the weaver as the fabric is superior to the old Scotch carpet. This firm enjoys the high position they hold in the carpet trade through the genius of the present members, who, as mechanical inventors, are gifted with the highest powers. To them the firm owe their wide renown as the patentees and sole manufacturers of patent ingrain carpets in yard wide and art squares, woollen and Adelaide rugs and mats, bed covers, &c.; and as the inventors of many improvements connected with the manufacture of carpets, including a new power loom Jacquard machine.

    The firm exhibited their beautiful manufactures at the Edinburgh International Exhibition, and a good idea of what their looms produce may be had by inspecting their stalls at No. 1,021, Court 15, in our Exhibition buildings. The business connection, which extends all over the United Kingdom and to many foreign parts, is of the most influential order. Messrs. Smith are well known in the city, and their father is the oldest representative of this important trade in the country.

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