James & John Smith

James & John Smith, Manufacturing Stationers and horticultural Printers.

    The firm of James and John Smith was established in Queen Street in 1853, removing in 1865 to premises in Gordon Street. On account of want of accommodation to meet the demands of a greatly increasing trade, they removed in 1883 to their present premises in Union Street.

    The firm are manufacturing stationers and horticultural printers ; but their speciality is the manufacturing of floral seed-pockets, and vegetable seed-pockets. of different sizes, which are beautifully illuminated. These pockets are of the shape of Ordinary business envelopes, opening at one end and gummed, made of good strong writing paper. Each pocket bears an illustrated representation, in colours, of the particular flower or vegetable, with the name printed to correspond with the different seeds ; and they are exquisitely got up, being, in fact, really artistic productions.

    The demand for these useful and ornamental articles is simply enormous, and they are ordered in great quantities from all parts of the United Kingdom, and also from many of the colonies and other places abroad. Every stationery requisite required by nursery and seedsmen is kept in stock, and all descriptions of horticultural printing executed on the shortest notice. The printing works are extensive, and contain no less than five principal machines, besides smaller ones. The warehouse is spacious and commodious and the premises cover an area of 200 by 70 feet. The firm -employ on an average fully a hundred hands. The general trade is chiefly local, but, as we have before stated, the floral and seed-pocket branch of the business is almost world-wide.

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