John Smith

John Smith, Tinsmith and Gasfitter, Plumber and Zinc Worker, 52 and 54, West Campbell Street.

    In connection with the tinsmith and plumbing industries, one of the oldest houses in the country, and of which prominent mention must be made, is that of John Smith, tinsmith, gasfitter, plumber, and zinc worker, 52 and 54, West Campbell Street. Established over one hundred years by the late Mr. Scott, this business remained in his family until five years ago, when it passed into the hands of Mr. Smith, the present sole proprietor.

    The premises, which were recently built specially for the business, are fitted with the most approved machines and appliances for carrying on the extensive work in which the firm is engaged. This includes all descriptions of plumbing, gasfitting, and zinc working, one of the most important departments being that of manufacturing tin boxes for confectioners, biscuit manufacturers, &c.

    Under the Act of Parliament recently passed, margarine has obtained a high position in the market, and to meet this, Mr. Smith has now produced decorative tins for putting up this commodity. These tins hold from seven to twenty-eight pounds each, and we believe that Mr. Smith is the first and at the same time the sole maker in this city. The trade, in which forty to fifty hands are employed, and in which the firm is represented by two travellers, extends over England, Ireland, and Scotland.

    Mr. Smith is a well-known gentleman, possessing a genial courteous manner, and is highly respected by all who know him.

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