Thomas Sommerville

Thomas Sommerville, Packing-box, Tin and Zinc Case Maker, 73, Waterloo Street.

    It can easily be seen that in Glasgow, the centre of a large importing trade to all parts of the world, there will be a constant demand for cases, boxes, &c., which will ensure the safe transit of the goods to their various destinations. One of the important houses engaged in this line is that of Mr. Thomas Sommerville, who has a wide connection in the making of packing-boxes, and tin and zinc cases, not only in Glasgow, but over the entire west of Scotland.

    This business was established about five years ago in the premises now occupied by the firm. These premises consist of three flats, the first of which is devoted to the storing of wood, and to stable accommodation ; the second is occupied, along with the third, in the manufacture of packing-boxes and cases. There are regularly employed about fifteen hands.

    Mr. Sommerville makes the manufacture of wine-cases a speciality, his workmanship in this department being considered the best in the trade. This firm has business relations with the best class of buyers in the city, the first-class style of the world opening up the way to a large connection. Two travellers are always on the road soliciting orders, and the business is one which is rapidly extending its scope. In tin and zinc cases Mr. Sommerville turns out superior work, while the average work produced is of the best description. There is no house in this important industry more able to give thoroughly satisfactory work that is highly esteemed firm.

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