Sorley & Smith

Sorley & Smith, Coach Guilders, 158, Both well Street.—

    Those who thought that with the advent of railways, horses would become valueless and the carriage building trade would be ruined, were entirely mistaken. Amongst all those who are engaged in Glasgow in the building of carriages there is no more enterprising and efficient firm than that established ten years ago in Bothwell Street by Messrs. James Sorley and John Smith, who keep a large staff of efficient workmen in constant employment, and which produces some of the most elegant and sumptuous carriages which can be desired.

    Both the principals are thoroughly practical men. Mr. Sorley has been in the trade for thirty-five years, having been formerly with Messrs. J. & W. Croall of Edinburgh and Kinross of Stirling, the best workers in the country. This practical knowledge enables the firm to undertake all branches of the trade. The workrooms are in different departments, in which respectively the construction of the body of the carriages, the construction of the wheels, the trimming and the painting, are separately carried out. Messrs. Sorley & Smith have very extensive showrooms, which are well filled with all descriptions of carriages, dog-carts, phaetons, &c.

    Messrs. Sorley & Smith were probably the first firm in Glasgow which manufactured the celebrated “American Warren Wheel”. This is a great speciality of the firm, which has considerably aided in enhancing their reputation. Style and durability are combined in their work, so as to secure for their numerous patrons amongst the nobility and gentry the desirable qualities of strength and elegance. Carriages are specially built so as to be adapted to the requirements of the colonies. Carriages are kept in repair by contract, and the whole of the work of this firm is a thorough display of business tact and energy.

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