Thomas Spears & Co.

Thomas Spears & Co., Tea and Coffee Merchants, Grocers and Italian Warehousemen, St. George’s Cross, and 222, Dumbarton Road.—

    Messrs. Thomas Spears & Co. are the successors to Francis Spite & Co., who conducted this business up to 1887 when it was transferred to the present proprietors. Spears & Co. occupy very large and handsome premises at St. George’s Cross, at the junction of New City Road and St. George’s Road, and the establishment is fitted up in superior style, having plate-glass windows to each of these thoroughfares. They have likewise a branch at 222, Dumbarton Road, equally attractive.

    The firm’s stock is a large and choice one, and comprises teas, coffees, home and foreign products, general groceries, fancy soaps, perfumery, patent medicines, &c., which are sold at lowest wholesale prices, for cash. Messrs. Spears & Co. publish a price list, in pamphlet form, which particularizes the articles kept in stock, and gives their prices. Messrs. Spears & Co. have adopted the well-known maxim, small profits and quick returns. From the fact that Spears & Co. have a special knowledge of and connection with the various sources of home and foreign food supplies, the public may rest assured that the goods offered them are, in their respective classes, of the finest quality.

    A feature in the business is a blend of India and China tea offered at two shillings per pound which receives universal commendation from the public. The special value of the teas in this blend must make it difficult for any other merchant to improve upon, either in price or quality, being rich in fragrance and of great strength. If fairly tried it is sure to give satisfaction to the most fastidious taste.

    Spears & Co. are doing a very extensive business both in Glasgow and its suburbs. The firm deliver goods to their customers through all parts of the city and suburbs, and they enjoy an excellent family connection. The business is worked upon the most honourable lines, and in a way which must of necessity command success. They employ a very numerous working staff.

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