R. D. Spittal

R. D. Spittal, Contractor, 128, Gloucester Street.—

    The business carried on under the able direction of Mr. R. D. Spittal is one that although only known in his name during the last seven or eight years, was founded a great number of years previously. It was at one time known as the Carting and Contracting Company. It will be readily understood that there is always a large quantity of goods that require removal from the numerous works and manufacturing houses in the Kingston district. Thus contracting for cartage has become an absolute necessity, and it is to this branch of business that Mr. Spittal’s attention is directed.

    His premises are located at the above address, and comprise a spacious building of three flats. In every detail the whole of the establishment is well arranged and is also thoroughly adapted to the purpose. Mr. Spittal, by means of the telephone, is in communication with all parts of Glasgow and the surrounding district. This is of incalculable benefit to a business of this description, because in the event of an urgent order from these works for the shipment of material, immense quantities of which are manufactured in, or come by rail to the district, in which also are situated the largest and best appointed stores in the city, a message to Mr. Spittal would result in a large quantity being alongside the vessel in a very short time. Exceptional energy and ability have been displayed in the management of the business, and the firm are widely noted for the dispatch with which all orders are executed.

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