Steel’s Hotel

Steel’s Hotel (W. Anderson, Proprietor), 5, Queen Street. —

    One of the oldest and most deservedly popular of the numerous excellent commercial hotels whose comforts and conveniences have made Glasgow such a favourite stopping-place for business men travelling in the West of Scotland, is that named at the head of this sketch. Steel’s hotel was founded many years ago by Mr. Gavin Steel, whose name is identified in the minds of commercial travellers especially with a constant and always successful endeavour to consult in every way the interests of his patrons.

    Mr. W. Anderson, the present proprietor, has had a lengthy and excellent record as a hotel proprietor, especially notable in his associations, first of all in connection with the famous Rainbow dining-rooms (until the lease was disposed of), and afterwards with the well-known Cafe Royal Hotel at Edinburgh ; and from this latter house he brings to bear upon his present business enterprise an experience that has endowed him with many qualifications of high administrative ability. Of Mrs. Anderson, the host’s “better half,” we are required to say but few words, and even those few are superfluous, seeing that she is so thoroughly well-known by hundreds of the guests staying at this hotel; but to omit all mention of the real presiding genius and moving power of this establishment would be if not remiss, at least discourteous, and we are therefore constrained to admit that practically this lady manages the whole concern, and manages It too in such a manner that none can doubt the amount of natural tact she possesses—a tact which enables her to superintend and guide its affairs with perfect satisfaction to her guests and to herself and husband.

    Steel’s Hotel occupies a distinctly prominent place among the commercial and family hotels of Glasgow, and possesses the advantage of a situation second to none. The house is in the very heart of the city, accessible from all parts with perfect ease, and in close proximity to the leading warehouses and centres of trade. The building is a substantial and most commodious structure, containing ninety rooms; and its appointment and arrangement throughout are of a character indicative of the careful consideration that has been given by the proprietary to every detail of comfort and accommodation. The house takes a distinct and justifiable pride in its fine suites of stock-rooms, which are large, well-fitted, and most excellently lighted. The attendance is of the most efficient character, charges are moderate in every instance. The hotel has a reputation of many year’s standing, won and preserved by long and conscientious catering to all the needs and requirements of a large and valuable patronage ; and it is manifestly the resolution of Mr. Anderson that this reputation shall not only be well-sustained, but steadily enhanced.

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