Steven & Struthers

Steven & Struthers, Anderston Brass Foundry, 84, Elliot Street.ó

    The firm is one of the best known in the brassfounding trade, and their productions have long enjoyed a high reputation. Many of the firmís inventions have, through a long term of years, proved invaluable, and all over the world they have received the highest commendation. The business was established in 1860 by Messrs. Catlo & Struthers ; but since 1866, when Mr. Stevens joined, the business has been carried on under its present designation of Messrs. Steven & Struthers.

    The works at 34, Elliot Street, known as the Anderston Brass Foundry, are of an extensive nature, and admirably suited for the trade. The premises, containing counting house, drawing and pattern shops, consist of a three-storey building. The first floor is occupied as offices ; the second floor comprises drawing offices, where a competent staff of draughtsmen are engaged ; while the third floor is used as a pattern shop. The workshops, including foundry, finishing and dressing shops, are to the rear of the front building. The operations of the firm includes all descriptions of general brassfounding for marine engineers, &c. They make castings of the heaviest description in brass, and are often engaged on important contracts.

    Messrs. Steven & Struthers are sole makers of Steven & Burtís steam syren, and syren and organ-pipe whistle, a perfect steam signalling apparatus for steamers. These are largely ordered by the most eminent shipbuilders, and have always been found to give the utmost satisfaction. The steam syren is specially suitable for fog signalling in lighthouses, lightships, and steamships, and gives the most intense and distinctive sound yet obtained ; its use is similar to the electric bell in telegraphic communication. In the case of steamers in fog, the use of this syren would be found invaluable, a simple code of signalling, after the Morse alphabet system, being a matter of simple arrangement.

    The firm also are sole makers of McFarlane & Murdochís patent governors, long known in the market ; while they are also sole licensees and makers of Thomsonís patent air-pump valves, which have an established reputation. All descriptions of engine and boiler fittings axe manufactured, steam cocks and valves, &c. In phosphor and manganese bronze casting especially good work is turned out. They are also manufacturers of Stevenís white bronze, which is widely known and used largely by some of our principal engineers and steamship companies.

    The business relations of the firm are very extensive, they having immense trade connections with all classes of shipbuilders, engineers, brassfounders, &c. The house is esteemed as one as the most substantial in the trade, and for a long time has maintained the reputation of being a firm of the highest standing.

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