Stevenson & Pae

Stevenson & Pae, Produce and Commission Merchants, 25, Cochrane Street, and 146, Ingram Street.

    The Messrs. Stevenson and Pae are a firm of very enterprising commission merchants. They were established six years ago, in these premises which they still occupy, comprising a large warehouse at 146, Ingram Street, and extensive storage and cellarage underneath 25, Cochrane Street, which is heavily stocked with goods, such as cheese, butter, margarine, tinned fish, and provisions ; dried fruit, starch, condensed milk, &c. They are sole agents for the United Kingdom for the sale of condensed milk manufactured by the Hollandia Company, Vlaardingen, Holland. They are also agents for Messrs. Coey & Co., Limited, for the sale of their American hams and bacons.

    The partners of the firm are Mr. Henry B. 0. Stevenson and Mr. Wm. Pae, the latter being a member of the Royal Exchange, and they are very influential in this business. They employ six travellers and clerks, and a number of warehousemen ; have fine sample-rooms and offices attached to their warehouse, and do a very large trade all over the country, with a very favourable acceptance, and have a very considerable bearing in the trade.

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