Robert Stevenson

Robert Stevenson, Family Grocer and Provision Merchant, 421, St. George’s Road.—

    A distinguished house in the grocery and provision trade is that conducted by Mr. Robert Stevenson, the sole proprietor, which was founded by him in 1869, and has been carried on at the present address since 1877. The ground floor of the premises is retained for the well-appointed shop, which is substantially fixtured and has a fine street frontage, the stock, comprehensive and well assorted, consisting of all kinds of groceries and provisions, the quality of which can be guaranteed.

    Teas, however, form the speciality, for which the house has a high reputation, Stevenson’s famed blend being renowned throughout the locality for its delicious flavour and strength. Butters, the finest imported from Denmark, Ireland, and elsewhere, and the celebrated brands, are here seen in splendid condition. Cheese, also, in the superior qualities of American, Cheddar, and prime Dunlops, are shown in large quantities. The specimens of Ayrshire and other home-fed bacon are all that could be desired, while in hams, the best Belfast and Ayrshire smoked are displayed. The sundries are just as good and select as the staple provisions. The business is well organised and conducted. The trade, though chiefly local, is extensive, and of a thoroughly sound nature.

    Mr. Robert Stevenson has taken an active interest in all public questions affecting the locality, and for the last six years has been a member of the City Parochial Board, to which he has given most unremitting attention.

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