Wm. Stevenson

Wm. Stevenson, Decorator, 281, Hope Street.ó

    The house decoratorís trade is a very important branch of industry, and is one which of late years has made great progress, as can readily be seen in the artistic work which is now produced by some of the leading firms, clearly showing that greater intelligence and good taste are brought to bear on the work now being executed, than was formerly thought necessary by our predecessors. The business carried on by Mr. Stevenson at the above address is well known, not only in the trade, but also among the general public in all parts of the kingdom, and has been established since 1873.

    The premises occupied are those in which the business was originally founded, and consist of spacious showrooms, having large workshops in the rear. These contain a large amount of stock, consisting of English and foreign manufacture, and all the newest designs and appliances necessary for carrying on a first-class decorative business. Careful supervision over every detail is exercised by Mr. Stevenson, and the work is executed in a superior and artistic style by a large staff of experienced workmen, selected for their skill in the various departments. Another important feature in connection with this firm is the admirable promptitude with which all orders are executed, a characteristic that cannot be said to belong to decorating firms as a general rule. A large trade is done in all parts of Scotland, and the firm is widely known for the decoration of many public, ecclesiastical, and private buildings.

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