A. McP. Stewart

A. McP. Stewart, India-rubber, Leather, Asbestos, and Steam Packing Merchant, &c., 48, Oswald Street.—

    The business conducted by Mr. Stewart, although of comparatively recent establishment, has assumed large dimensions. It was founded in 1880 at Barrhead, and two years later was removed to the present address.

    It embraces the sale of india-rubber goods of all descriptions. Mr. Stewart has a factory at Barrhead for the production of oak-bark extract and belting syrup, which are extensively used in mills and factories throughout Scotland, &c. He is the sole agent in Scotland for Jackson & Townend’s (Rochdale) solid carbonate packing for colliery purposes and mill engines ; also deals very largely in woollen and cotton goods for bleachers. He also manufactures largely a special lubricating machinery oil for engines, and special cylinder oil. His stock comprises vulcanised india-rubber for mechanical purposes, india-rubber buffers and wheel tyres, india-rubber belting, leather belting, link belting, solid patent hair belting, English cotton duck belting, and anti-friction edged belting; engine packings of all descriptions (which are likewise made to order), vulcanised india-rubber tubing, patent seamless flax hose, vulcanised india-rubber and canvas hose, and leather hose pipe ; embossed and perforated mats and matting for warehouses, hall doors, office floors, lobbies, bath-rooms, ship cabins, stairs, carriages, &c. ; and has gun metal steam fittings, asbestos packed gun metal fittings, safety reduction and iron wheel valves, malleable iron castings, steam and gas tubes and fittings. He supplies engineers’ tools of all kinds, engines of various descriptions, cotton waste, boiler and tube coverings, ropes and twines, white and red lead, asbestos paint, felt for all purposes, wire ropes of all kinds, besides a multitude of other articles too numerous to particularise. The specialities of his business are the “oak bark extract” and the “glutinous belting syrup”.

    Mr. Stewart has formed a splendid connection which extends over all Scotland and a great portion of the north of England. The business premises in Oswald Street are most conveniently situated, and a good working staff is employed thereat. Mr. Stewart owes his rapid success to his having cultivated and secured the confidence and respect of his clients.

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