R. Stewart

R. Stewart, Silversmith, Goldsmith, Jeweller, 122 to 134, Argyle Street.—

    Few of the higher branches of trade and art industry are more fully represented and exemplified in Glasgow than, the business of the goldsmith and jeweller. In proof of this may be cited that thoroughly representative establishment conducted by Mr. R. Stewart at the above address. This establishment was founded as far back as 1833, and now carries on a high class and extensive business. Indeed there is not to-day within the city boundaries a house enjoying a more eminent repute. The partnership is composed of Mr. James R. Stewart and Mr. John Stewart, and the premises have been in the occupation of the firm for the past thirty-one years. The establishment, which is one of the most attractive in the noble thoroughfare in which it is located, occupies a fine corner block with a commanding street frontage, and in every way as regards situation, suitability, and commodiousness, is thoroughly adapted to meet the requirements of a first-class goldsmith’s and jeweller’s business.

    The stock held here is one of the largest, most varied, and valuable in Glasgow. There is nothing that modem ingenuity and developments have brought within the scope of the goldsmith’s trade but may be found here in every style and at every price. Gold and gem jewellery, plate, silver work, watches, clocks, chronometers, and bijouterie of every kind, are stocked and displayed, and for completeness and diversity the assortment is unequalled in the city.

    The departments include gold and silver watches, jewellery, clocks, and bronzes, silver plate, electro-plate, and fine nickel-plated goods, and table cutlery. To these may be added a department for marine horological requirements, and another for repairs. The watches include an excellent range of ladies’, gentlemen’s and boys’ goods, serviceable and perfect in material, workmanship, and finish, which are offered at prices that no similar house can surpass.

    In jewellery Mr. Stewart sustains in the most consistent manner the reputation which his distinguished house has so long enjoyed. In this branch a magnificent variety of goods are kept on hand, and in diamond work the conceptions, design and execution of many of the ornaments displayed give ample evidence of the highest artistic taste and ability on the part of the staff employed.

    Special agents are retained on the Continent, especially in Paris, that all novelties produced in those parts may be at once introduced to the customers of the house. Drawing-room, carriage, chiming, hall, and office clocks, are held in great variety of material and design, and at prices commensurate with the cost of their production, and the lowest remunerative profit. Jewellers’ fancy goods of all sorts are a feature of the stock, and embrace every species of novelty produced in any part of the two hemispheres.

    Mr. Stewart has developed a special feature of no inconsiderable value in catering for the requirements of yatching, shooting, and athletic clubs in the matter of prizes, club plate and trophies, and also for the supplying of presentation goods for municipal and other purposes. Mr. Stewart confines his operations to dealing in goods of exclusively the best class, and his trade extends to all parts of the world. His name has been associated with the highest achievements of the jeweller’s art and skill, and his house has honourably preserved the reputation so eminently creditable to all connected with it, and which has been identified with it since the date of its inception.

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