Thomas Stuart

Thomas Stuart, Manufacturing Silversmith, 32, McAslin Street.

    Among the finer industrial arts and industries the trade of a silversmith occupies a very prominent place ; and much intelligent skill and careful manipulation are necessary in the execution of this class of artistic work. We have an illustration of this in turning our attention to the business belonging to Mr. Thomas Stuart, at the above address.

    Mr. Stuart established the house in Glasgow in 1884 ; for some years previously he successfully conducted this branch in one of the leading houses in London. Since then he has conducted the business on his own account at the above address in Glasgow. There are twelve practical silversmiths employed in the manufacture of the goods, which are of varied description, the principal being presentation cups, silver caskets to contain addresses, tea and coffee services, trays, and the best class of electro-plate goods, &c.

    Mr. Stuart has a first-class reputation for the manufacture of these articles. He does a good trade with local houses. Great taste and artistic ability are manifested in all the productions of the house, which owe their origin and consummation to the sterling abilities of its proprietor, Mr. Thomas Stuart.

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