Sutherland & Co.

Sutherland & Co., Manufacturers of Patent Metallic Casks, Kegs, Cisterns, &c., 44, David Street.

    This extensive business presents many features of more than ordinary interest, and has for a long time occupied a most prominent position in the trade. Established in the year 1869, in Hunter Street, the rapid development of the business and the consequent necessity for increased accommodation rendered it necessary that large premises should be provided. Therefore, in 1871, Messrs. Sutherland & Co. acquired the present extensive works, which are fitted up specially for this branch of manufacture. They occupy a large area of ground, principally covered with buildings of two stories high, containing a vast quantity of machinery of the most modem description.

    The firm are well occupied in the various departments, and employ a large number of men in the manufacture of water tanks, oil drums, patent metallic casks, kegs, cisterns, ventilators, &c. Large quantities of these goods are turned out weekly and supplied to chemical manufacturers, seed crushers, oil and paint works, &c. The firm have a splendid and old-established connection, extending over the whole of Great Britain ; large quantities of these articles, particularly water tanks, are exported to the colonies. Mr. Daniel Sutherland, who is the sole proprietor, is a gentleman occupying a high position in business circles, and possesses the advantage of long and thorough mercantile and practical experience. The operations of this establishment fully justify its claim to be considered one of the largest and most influential in the trade.

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