Daniel Sutherland

Daniel Sutherland, Fish, Poultry, and Game Dealer, and Ice Merchant, 7 and 9, Stockwell Street.—

    An establishment of distinction in its line is that conducted by Mr. Daniel Sutherland, the sole proprietor, which was founded by him at another part of the above thoroughfare in 1858, and removed to the present address in consequence of the rapid increase of business in 1882. The establishment consists of a large double-fronted shop, with superior fixtures.

    An abundant stock of fish, poultry, and game are at all times kept on hand, the greatest care being exercised to ensure freshness and prime quality. A leading feature is the importation of Wenham Lake and other well-known qualities of ice, for table and other use. Sutherland’s fish, game, and poultry are renowned all over the country. The business is well organised, and conducted with tact, push, and energy. Several assistants are employed, and the depot is at all times the scene of considerable business activity. The trade is of a general character, and well-established in town and country among the better class of patrons and the aristocracy.

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