Geo. Sutherland

Geo. Sutherland, Grocer, &c., 755, New City Road.—

    Few business houses have attained the amount of success characteristic of those in the proprietorship of Mr. Geo. Sutherland, who is now widely known in all parts of Glasgow as a first-class grocer and provision merchant. The business was originally founded in 1876, by the present proprietor, at 59, Stevenson Street, Calton, where a large trade was done ; but, after opening a number of branches in the North-Western district, this shop was sold. The Henderson Street branch was opened in 1878, and was for a number of years the headquarters of the business.

    Mr. Sutherland’s trade is now carried on in eleven different branch shops, viz., at 5, Henderson Street; 675, Garscube Road ; 294, Possil Road; 27, Garriochmill Road ; 126, Woollands Road ; 1, Park Road ; 520, Springburn Road ; and 10, Cowlairs Road. In 1887 Mr. Sutherland opened an establishment at 755, New City Road, and this he has since made the headquarters of the firm, with offices, &c., for the transaction of the business generally.

    The success attained speaks very highly for the quality of the goods supplied, the moderate prices charged, and the admirable method of conducting business. The proprietor has exhibited exceptional ability in his manner of catering for the public. The trade in the various establishments is, of course, similar in its character, and includes all branches incidental to the grocery and provision trade. A very large connection is maintained throughout the entire district, each of the respective branches having its own local trade, which in certain districts has so increased that Mr. Sutherland has recently opened additional grocery establishments at 197, Gairbraid Street ; and 751, New City Road ; and 3, 5, Kelvindale Street.

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