James G. Swan & Co.

James G. Swan & Co., Chemical Manufacturers, 74, Bath Street.—

    Most chemical manufacturers, even though engaged in a general trade, devote more particular attention to one especial branch, and make the subject thoroughly their own. Messrs. James G. Swan & Co. have thus become prominently associated with antiseptics and disinfectants. Their name is well known throughout Scotland in connection with what is termed the “Caledonian Sheep Dip”, which is manufactured by them under a patented process.

    The trouble and loss occasioned by vermin amongst flocks of sheep is so well known that many means have been suggested and adopted with the view of' preventing or eradicating the evil. All have their special good points, but probably none can show so good a record all round as Messrs. Swan & Co.’s “Caledonian Dip”. In the first place, the preparation is reduced to the minimum, the material is sent out from the works in tins or drums proportionate in size to the number of sheep required to be dipped, a quarter-gallon serving for twenty-five sheep, and all that has to be done is to pour the solution into seventy times the quantity of soft water (well water will do if pond, river, or rain water cannot be got), stir a little and it is ready for use. If to be used for red lice or scab, it is recommended to use only fifty or thirty times the quantity of water respectively. The ability to use cold water is a great advantage, as many of the dips in general use need boiling water to mix them, which occasions great trouble. Warm water may be used with the “Caledonian” if for any reason it is desirable to have the bath tepid. The dip is an excellent disinfectant ; it acts as an antiseptic and heals raw wounds. It does not discolour the wool or injure it in any way ; on the contrary, it oils the fleece well, promotes the growth of the wool, and improves its appearance and quality. It is free from arsenic, mercury, and all other mineral poisons, and therefore can be used of any strength without in any way endangering the health of the sheep or those employed in dipping them. It prevents the attack of the warble and gadflies and destroys their maggots ; it prevents and cures scab, foot-rot, foot and mouth disease, and other contagious diseases ; it infallibly eradicates ticks, red lice, and all other parasites which infest the skins of sheep, cattle, dogs, and other animals. The testimonials as to its excellent effects are unanimous from all parts of the country, and refer to its many useful properties in the highest terms.

    Another solution for which Messrs. Swan & Co. are deservedly celebrated is their new antiseptic disinfectant, “Hygeia,” manufactured by a patented process. It is the strongest disinfectant of its class yet placed before the public. It is especially useful for disinfecting and deodorising drains, closets, sinks, &c., and in courtyards, cattle-pens, ships’ bilges, &c. It mixes freely with water, forming a milky-white fluid, and thus admits of use for purposes to which insoluble preparations are inapplicable. It neither stains nor burns, and is one of the safest of disinfectants ; it forms a most beneficial dressing for wounds in all animals, and will kill ticks and parasites. It is also very useful in mange and other skin diseases.

    Although established so recently as 1885, Messrs. Swan & Co. may be congratulated upon having laid the foundation of a substantial business upon a very solid basis. Their readiness in meeting the sanitary requirements of the day has led to the acquirement of a very large trade in this country. Large shipments are also made to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the River Plate, and it is capable of extension in any direction and to any extent. Messrs. Swan have also brought out an anti-fouling composition for ships’ bottoms, which promises to be very successful.

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