William E. Swan

William E. Swan, Upholsterer and Carpet Planner, 182, Trongate.—

    A most important industry requiring prominent mention is that of which Mr. William E. Swan, upholsterer and carpet planner, is a thorough representative. Mr. W. E. Swan, who has had a great many years’ experience in this particular branch of industry, started business on his own account in the present commodious premises in 1886. These premises consist of offices and warehouse.

    Mr. Swan’s trade extends over the city and into the country, and he has a large shipping trade. The practical knowledge, energy, and straightforward character by which he has established his business is continuing to maintain and extend his connection. In connection with Mr. Swan’s business the upholstering department is well worthy of notice, Mr. Swan paying particular attention to it. A special feature is the introducing of novelties in internal house decorations and in the production of dining-room and drawing-room suites, which are all upholstered in the most expensive and fine art styles. The carpet-making branch is also deserving of special notice, the firm receiving every day from different warehouses in the city large consignments of carpets which have to be cut and fitted to plans. A novelty is the introduction of the new patent carpet-sewing machine manufactured by the Singer Manufacturing Company, and which is capable of turning out several hundreds of yards of sewing per day.

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