Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor, Paint, Oil, and Metal Merchant, 47, Oswald Street.

    A very important business has been lately founded by Mr. Andrew Taylor, who was for many years with the Gas and Water Appliances Company. He has since developed a large and important trade in a great number of branches connected with the metal furnishing industry, such as cast-iron pipes and valves, wrought-iron and brass tubes and fittings, copper tubes, block tin and composition pipes, paints for outdoor and indoor use, oils, tallow, belting, packings, waste (engine) yarn, brushes, shovels (specially adapted for gaswork use), stocks, dies, and taps. Thus it will be seen that the business is somewhat comprehensive in its character and combines many branches. Among the leading features may be noted gas appliances for the purpose of illumination, and wood sieves for purifiers.

    The proprietor has developed a large and influential connection all over Scotland and commands a first-class trade.

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