Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor, Ivory Turner, Bowling-green Bowl and Billiard Ball Manufacturer, &c., 60, Montrose Street.—

    A business which has remained in the same family, passing from father to son for three generations, and extending over upwards of a century, possesses more than ordinary claims to our notice. Such is the house carried on by Mr. Thomas Taylor, founded somewhere about the year 1796, in Garthland Street, by his paternal grandfather. Nearly three-quarters of a century ago it passed to his father, and it became his own about twenty years since.

    Mr. Taylor’s profession is almost entirely in making bowling-green bowls and billiard balls, and his establishment has a reputation which extends to all parts of the world. For a turner to attain to eminence in is business he must be able to produce perfect bowls, with any degree of “bias”. In short, the art of turning bowls is as much a science, although in a different line, as is navigation or astronomy. Mr. Taylor is, like his father and grandfather before him, an expert in his profession, and in proof of this we may state that he received the gold medal for his exhibits at the late Edinburgh Exhibition. But perhaps the best proof which he can adduce as to his talents and reputation is his widespread patronage, which may be said to be almost unrivalled.

    The premises he occupies in Montrose Street (to which he removed about seven years ago) are commodious, and well fitted up with lathes and other appliances connected with his business. He keeps on hand a superior stock of bowls, billiard balls, &c., and employs an ample working staff.

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