Telfer & Huey

Telfer & Huey, Wholesale Provision Merchants and Flour Dealers, 32, Ann Street.—

    Amongst all wholesale trades there are none so calculated to excite interest from the magnitude and variety of their transactions as those whose especial province it is to provide for the wants of “the inner man”. Messrs. Telfer & Huey do one of the largest trades in the city and West of Scotland. As merchants they collect and disperse a large quantity of cheese of American, Canadian, and home production ; Danish and Irish butters, and the now much-libelled substitute, “Margarine”, are also items of their business. To their business of provision merchants they also add that of ham curers, a portion of their premises being set aside for the curing and smoking of hams and bacon, which they export to many parts of the world, such as Africa, India, Ceylon, &c., where their productions are well known. They also do a large trade with bakers in American and Hungarian flours.

    The business was established in 1853, at 56, Oswald Street, and after twenty years tenancy of those premises was removed to the present, in Ann Street, which are most completely equipped and arranged for the exigencies of the trade. Mr. Huey has now been dead many years, and the business is carried on by Messrs. James and Robert R. Telfer. They are represented by travellers throughout the country, and do a very large trade. The firm’s registered telegraphic address is “Telfer, Glasgow”.

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