Thom & Cameron

Thom & Cameron, Rectifiers, Export Wine and Spirit Merchants, 93, Cheapside Street.—

    The old and representative house named above holds a position of the first note and eminence in its close association with the wine and spirit supply trade as represented in Glasgow. The business was founded in the beginning of this century by the late Mr. Robert Thom at the Gallowgate as distiller and wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant. It was afterwards carried on by his son, the present Mr. Robert Thom, in St. Enoch Square, Buchanan Street, Trongate, and West Campbell Street, whence eventually it was removed to its present place, Cheapside Street, about eight years ago.

    A quarter of a century ago, the original style of the house was changed to its present form of Thom & Cameron, Mr. Cameron joining the firm at that time, and the partners now are Mr. Robert Thom, Mr. John Cameron, and Mr. Robert Wilson Thom, son of Mr. Robert Thom. All three of these gentlemen are prominent in several spheres of public life, in addition to possessing a distinguished status in the branch of commerce with which they are connected. Both the Messrs. Thom are justices of the peace for the county of Dumbarton.

    The business of the firm, as it now exists, in its immense headquarters in Cheapside Street, has attained to proportions of such magnitude as cannot adequately be described within the limits of the present sketch. The premises, which comprise in the main building a huge block of seven floors, faced by the offices and bonded warehouses of the firm, are certainly among the largest of their kind in the world, and have been arranged and equipped in a manner befitting their own magnitude and the importance of the industry and trade to which they are devoted. It would be idle to attempt a survey of these premises in their many and varied departmental phases. The space at our disposal allows only of a brief review of Messrs. Thom & Cameron’s active business operations as relating to the world of commerce in general.

    The firm supply and ship to order all kinds of home and foreign wines and spirits, especially those suitable for the East Indian, Australian, New Zealand, and other foreign and colonial markets. In this respect they stand in a position to supply the very finest classes of goods, and have developed a number of specialities of high commercial value and repute.

    Among these is especially mentionable the firm’s celebrated “Scottish Standard” old Highland whisky, a magnificent liquor, the most matured that can be obtained, absolutely pure, and quite unsurpassed as a thoroughly worthy representative of the finest Highland stills. This whisky has an imperial renown, and its fame and popularity in all British lands and in most foreign countries are shared by several other registered brands of which Messrs. Thom & Cameron are sole export agents. Among these are the “Rob Roy” and “Lochiel” old Highland whiskies, and the “Erin go Bragh” royal old Irish whisky — both too well and favourably known to all lovers of the national spirit to need a word of comment here.

    In such lines as ginger wine, ginger brandy, and various other liqueurs, Messrs. Thom & Cameron have developed an industry of great proportions, and are engaged in the production of a class of fine distillations that are constantly growing in public favour and widespread sale, by reason of their many excellent qualities. They are prepared from the best materials and will keep in all climates. The firm hold an enormous stock of wines, spirits, and liqueurs in readiness for dispatch to any quarter of the globe.

    Messrs. Thom & Cameron are owners of seven or eight large ships which trade regularly to Australia, Demerara, Calcutta, and the other colonies. The whole business is remarkably self-contained, every process of manufacture, packing, and shipment being attended to by the firm’s regular staff. There is a branch house under the same title at Demerara. A branch is conducted at 2, King William Street, London, E.C. The trade controlled is one of universal range and influence. The house stands among the oldest and most distinguished of its kind in the west of Scotland, and the name of this firm receives acceptance throughout the world as a guarantee of the genuine character and excellent quality of any class or description of vinous or spirituous goods with which it may be associated.

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