F. Thompson

Mr. F. Thompson, Homoeopathic Chemist, 17, Gordon Street.ó

    One of the most prominent of the dispensing pharmacies of the city is the central pharmacy of Mr. Thompson, situated in Gordon Street, opposite the Commercial Bank of Scotland. General dispensing is done here in the most efficient manner by capable and experienced assistants, and in the retail department a very extensive trade is done in proprietary medicines, perfumery, and toilet requisites.

    What has made Mr. Thompsonís establishment so widely known all over the country are the specialities which he has introduced, and to which he devotes great attention. Amongst these mention should be made of Thompsonís antibilious essence, which is a safe and most efficient remedy for all bilious complaints, camphor pilules, toothache specific, compound digestive candy, and his nerve tonic. The last named has gained for him a fame not only in this district, but throughout the length and breadth of the land. Mr. Thompson numbers among his patrons many of the elite of Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

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