Alexander Thomson & Sons

Alexander Thomson & Sons, Fleshers, 40, London Street, and 153, Hospital Street, S.S.—

    Few branches of business are of greater public importance than that of the butcher, and in connection with this trade a thoroughly representative firm is Alexander Thomson & Sons, whose head-quarters, situated at 40, London Street, have been occupied by them upwards of forty years. Messrs. Thomson established their business in their present premises in 1870.

    Their Hospital Street branch, and their head-quarters in London Street consist of handsome shops, tastefully fitted to display their valuable stock of home-fed butchers’ meat. This firm has won a reputation for the undeviating quality and low prices of their goods. Their trade extends far into the suburbs ; and the care and experience used in purchasing cattle, and their adherence to the policy of dealing in home-fed butchers’ meat, continues to maintain and extend their connection.

    The late Mr. Thomson, senior, was a well-known gentleman in the city, being a prominent member of the Trades House, and Deacon of the Incorporation of Fleshers.

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