David Thomson

David Thomson, Tea and Coffee Merchant, 85, Renfield Street.ó

    The rapid advancement in the commercial facilities of Glasgow is a subject of most favourable comment with the business men of the kingdom, and the splendid results achieved in this regard are due to the untiring activity and enterprise of her leading merchants. Prominent among those who have contributed to the material progress of the cityís commerce may be mentioned the well-known house of Mr. David Thomson. This house was originally founded by its present proprietor in 1841, and since that period, despite the fact that on two occasions Mr. Thomsonís premises, prior to his occupation of the present ones in 1870, have been destroyed by fire, has always maintained a high position in the trade, owing to the unsurpassed purity, quality, and freshness of its teas and coffees.

    The premises occupied are very spacious and commodious, and are fully stocked with a splendid assortment of China, Japan, and Ceylon teas, fragrant coffees from Mocha, Java, Jamaica, and Ceylon, which are imported direct from the original sources of supply. Mr. Thomson is also patentee of Napierís celebrated glass coffee-pot, and makes a speciality of supplying this unique apparatus to consumers and the trade, and enjoys in this connection a very extensive trade with America, Canada, and the colonies. His staple business is mainly confined to the home counties, England, and Ireland, and in meeting the requirements of a high-class local clientele.

    Personally he is highly esteemed in the commercial world for his great executive ability and sterling integrity, and justly merits the prosperity attained by his energy and perseverance during the lengthy period he has been so favourably identified with the business interests of Glasgow.

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