Gavin Thomson

Gavin Thomson, Auctioneer, Valuator, and Business Agent, 43, Renfield Street.—

    There is a wide field cultivated by Mr. Gavin Thomson in his capacity of auctioneer, valuator, and business agent. He was established in 1884 in his present premises, which comprise a well-appointed office and private room. He evinces admirable energy and activity in his devotion to all the functions he professes to fulfil. He had twelve years experience of his class of work before he commenced on his own account. His connection now extends over Glasgow and Scotland generally.

    All kinds of auctions and valuations are conducted by him in town, coast, or country ; properties, household goods, live stock, crops, stocks-in-trade, plant, &c., &c. ; hotels, spirit-shops, licensed groceries, and businesses of every description are sold as going concerns by private bargain or auction. Spirit merchants’ stocks are taken on very reasonable terms, and Mr. Thomson is also agent for Sikes’ hydrometers, gauging rules, &c.

    Personally he is an able young gentleman, and has won the esteem of all whose business it is to come in contact with him.

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