George M. Thomson & Co.

George M. Thomson & Co., Grain and Flour Merchants, 134, St. Vincent Street.

    A recently established house in the flour and grain trade is that conducted by Mr. George M. Thomson, the sole proprietor, under the above title. This business, though only founded by Mr. Thompson in 1887, has nevertheless attained a recognised status in the trade and a high reputation for the superiority of the brands dealt in.

    The office is centrally situated and well fixtured in every respect, the grain, &c., being carefully warehoused at the public stores. Though flour and grain stuffs are kept on hand, the speciality for which the house has made a name is found in flour, large quantities of which are supplied to bakers throughout Scotland and Ireland. Prompt deliveries of all goods on order are made all over the city and provinces direct from the stores.

    The business is of a thoroughly sound nature and well established. Mr. Thomson is a practical factor and a gentleman well known on the flour and grain markets.

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