Thomas Thomson

Thomas Thomson, Greenhead Weaving Factory, McPhail Street.

    One of the most important of our Glasgow industries is that of power-loom weaving, and in connection therewith we have pleasure in mentioning prominently one of the most thoroughly representative firms. We refer to that of Thomas Thomson, Greenhead Weaving Factory. This factory was founded thirty years ago by the late Messrs. Holms Bros., and has been occupied by Mr. Thomson, the present proprietor, for nine years.

    It is one of the best of its kind in Scotland, the buildings consisting of a five-storey block and extensive weaving sheds, covering an area of about 6,000 square yards. The work carried on comprises all the branches connected with weaving, including winding, warping, dressing, picking, drawing, twisting, and weaving, requiring the employment of about five hundred hands. The fabrics are all of the finer kinds principally for ladies cotton, wool, and silk.

    Mr. Thomson, who is one of the most extensive manufacturers of this class, and whose trade is with Glasgow merchants, owes his commanding position to a thoroughly practical knowledge of all the details of a fancy manufacturing firm.

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