Todd & Smith

Todd & Smith, Rubber Stamp Manufacturers and General Printers, 27, Union Street.

    The firm of Todd & Smith consists of Messrs. S.A.C. Todd & William Smith, who commenced business in 1887. They are ornamental printers and rubber stamp manufacturers, and have already opened out a very extensive trade. The specialities of their business in the printing branch are private Christmas cards, menu cards, ball programmes, ornamental circulars, &c.

    In the rubber stamp trade, too, they have extensive appliances at their command, so that they are in a position to turn out goods which for quality and excellence of design cannot be excelled. They also supply wholesale and retail cyclostyle and hektograph printing materials, and all other facisimile processes. The warehouse and works are very commodious, and the plant, machinery, &c., are of the newest and most improved character.

    The firm have established a high reputation for the excellence of their productions and, doubtless, they have before them the prospect of an eminently successful career. Both partners are gentlemen of experience in the business they are engaged in, and are men of industry, energy, and enterprise.

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