Torrance & Co.

Torrance & Co., Handkerchief Hemmers and Curtain Binders, 25, Cumberland Street, off Canning Street.

    This business was established in 1880, but the growth of business three years ago forced the proprietors to look around for more commodious premises, which they found in their present extensive establishment. The workrooms, &c. of these premises cover an area of about 7,000 square feet. The great number of sewing-machines and other appliances used in this industry are driven by power. Messrs. Torrance & Co. employ a considerable number of hands, and the work is divided into departments, over
each of which there is a foreman and forewoman.

    Since the establishment of this business it has been greatly extended through the efforts of the two members of the firm, viz., Mr. Torrance and Mr. Jameson. This desirable result is due to excellent workmanship, and will cause, no doubt, the name of Torrance & Co. to become still more famous.

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