John Tulloch

John Tulloch, Sausage Maker, 279, Argyle Street.ó

    This business dates back over half a century, when it was originally founded by an ancestor of the present proprietor. About the year 1820 Mr. William Tulloch was a well-known sawyer. He, however, determined to direct his energies and business talents to another sphere of operations, and therefore opened the above-mentioned establishment as a licensed grocerís and provision merchant. This was long before the celebrated Forbes McKenzie Act came into operation, as he used to retail whisky over the counter to be consumed on the premises. Mr. William Tulloch was succeeded by his son John, who for some time carried on the business on the same lines, but eventually he gradually gave up the different branches of the business as originally started, and devoted his sole attention to the manufacture of sausages and puddings. The present proprietor is the grandson of the original founder of this, business, and still maintains the reputation that the establishment acquired for manufacturing very superior sausages, &c.

    The premises consist of a large and commodiously arranged establishment that is in every respect well adapted to the requirements of the trade. Special attention is devoted to the quality of the meat used in the manufacture of the sausages, and the purity of everything emanating from this establishment is acknowledged on all sides. Another noticeable feature is the cleanliness observed in every department, the proprietor exercising commendable care in this particular. A very large trade is done among hotels, restaurants, and provision establishments in all parts of Glasgow. The business is very ably conducted, and owes much of its success to the ability and energy exhibited by the proprietor.

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