Tunnel Portland Cement Company (Limited)

Tunnel Portland Cement Company (Limited), 63, Fenchurch Street, London; Works, West Thurrock; James Rankin, agent, 214, Eglinton Street.—

    In the manufacture of Portland cement there is probably no firm which merits more prominent notice than that of the Tunnel Portland Cement Company (Limited), whose works are at West Thurrock, and head office in Fenchurch Street, London. This company have very extensive dealings throughout the three kingdoms, and it is more particularly their Scotch agency we have at present under notice. Their sole agent for Scotland is Mr. James Rankin, who has been established since 1879. His premises were originally at Crookston Street, but about five years ago he removed to these larger premises situated at 214 and 216, Eglinton Street. They consist of large stores covering about 100 feet by 40 feet, with offices and stables attached. The ground is rented from the Caledonian Railway Company, and the stores are always well stocked with supplies. Mr. Rankin does a very large trade over Scotland for the company, in their Portland cement, of universal fame ; but a large trade is also done by him in Roman cement, Keene’s cement, plaster of Paris, Arden lime, Scotch lime, Arbroath pavement, &c.

    Mr. Rankin is a most diligent, hard-working personage in himself, and does a large business throughout the year. He is very well and favourably known amongst the principal builders, architects, contractors, &c., throughout the city, and all over Scotland ; and the respect that his position merits is freely given him.

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