Turnbull & Sons

Turnbull & Sons, Artistic Photographers, 10, Jamaica Street, Glasgow, and at 49, King William Street, London, E.C.—

    It will be readily conceded that among the many and ever-multiplying wonders of industrial art and science there are few which exceed in interest the triumphs achieved in the art of photography, and there are few cities in the United Kingdom which possess a larger or better appointed establishment than that of Messrs. Turnbull & Sons. This extensive business dates its foundation from the year 1850, when it was established at Jamaica Street by the late Mr. Charles Turnbull, a gentleman well known and highly esteemed in this city, who was succeeded by his two sons— Robert and Charles—-who now carry it on in the large new premises which they have with commendable enterprise specially designed for the purpose.

    These occupy three floors of a handsome edifice situated at the west comer of Jamaica and Argyle Streets. On the first floor are the offices, finishing and dispatching rooms, and an elegant and luxuriously furnished reception-room. In the operating-room, a fine apartment, 40 ft. by 15 ft., groups to the number of twelve can be taken. On the same floor art painting, enamelling, and enlarging rooms, as well as a number of separate dressing rooms for ladies, gentlemen, and families. Above is the largest studio, 40 ft. by 20 ft., where as many as fifty people can be taken at once. In this room is an entirely new arrangement of light, and things are so ordered that if necessary four cameras can be worked at once. There is also a small operating-room for children, and large and airy chemical and dark rooms.

    The style and character of Messrs. Turnbull’s work are well known, and their reputation for the production of first-class artistic photographs is fully borne out by their exhibit in the Grand Hall of the Exhibition, consisting of very large carbon photos of the Lord Provost of Glasgow, the Mayor of Belfast, and M.P.s representing the different Glasgow districts. They have also in the Fine Art Section a somewhat novel exhibit, being beautiful enamelled portraits of the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Councillors holding office during her Majesty’s Jubilee. This is a most interesting collection, and is considered the feature of the gallery in which it is placed.

    Messrs. Turnbull & Sons have also branch establishments at 37, Hamilton Street, Greenock; 23, Garfield Street, Belfast; 7, North Bridge, Hawick ; Main Street, Lame ; and 49, King William Street, London, E.C. Upwards of a hundred employees are constantly employed in their several studios and at their printing establishments, and the firm also send out over thirty energetic travellers. Messrs. Turnbull & Sons certainly do one of the largest businesses as photographic artists in the United Kingdom, and their popular studios have become the rendezvous of all in search of pleasing, life-like, and at the same time artistic portraits either in photographs, black and white, or oil paintings.

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