James Turnbull

James Turnbull, Wholesale Family Grocer, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Merchant, 4, Cook Street.

    The grocery and wine trade are thoroughly represented by the firm of James Turnbull, wholesale family grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant. Established twenty-five years ago in Oswald Street, this business was acquired by Mr. Turnbull fully ten years ago. During that time Mr. Turnbull had also a shop in Eglinton Street, but in 1884 he removed the whole business into his present commodious premises.

    This establishment consists of a fine double shop, elegantly fitted to show a splendid selection of groceries, including all the delicacies of an Italian warehouse. In the licensed department Mr. Turnbull is agent for Messrs. Gilbey, and has a splendid selection of their wines and spirits on hand. His trade is largely a family one, but his connection extends all over the suburbs, to the country, and into the Highlands.

    The long experience, energy, and the policy of selling only the best qualities at the lowest prices consistent with equity, are among the secrets by which Mr. Turnbull has maintained and continues to extend his connection.

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