John Ure

John Ure, Draper and Clothier, 156, George Street.

    Conspicuous among the staple branches of commerce must be enumerated that of the draper and clothier, which is worthily represented by the time-honoured establishment conducted by Mr. John Ure, which was founded by him in 1867 at No. 50, South Wellington Street. The business has since then been carried on in several well-known flourishing and populous districts in town, and was latterly removed to the present address.

    The shop has a fine double frontage and a well-fixtured interior. The stock consists of general drapery and cloth goods, is very extensive, and all of guaranteed quality. Flannels, from the principal Welsh and Saxony manufacturers, are here seen in splendid condition, woolly, strong, and of full value ; blankets, also, from Witney and other well-known mills, are shown in superior qualities ; calicoes, too, from the principal Lancashire looms, are here found in grand display and warranted the best. The dress materials are chiefly from Bradford and the northern centres of production ; they are found in subdued and fast colours, exquisite patterns, and for high-class finish are unequalled by any other house in the locality. In cloth goods, the finest Scotch and West of England tweeds come to the front ; they are well shrunk, and for hard wear are the apex of perfection itself. Cashmeres, Meltons, boxcloths, and several other fabrics of high repute for their serviceable qualities are here seen. Suits in all shades, and adapted for spring, summer, and winter wear, appear on every hand ; vests, coats, &c., are also shown in great variety. The window displays are well arranged and highly appreciated by a discriminating public. A staff of experienced tailors are employed on the premises Mr. Ure carefully superintending the general organisation of the business. The trade is of a local class and well established.

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