Virtue, Son & Co.

Virtue, Son & Co., Manufacturers, 76, Howard Street.—

    Among the principal manufacturing houses in the north of Great Britain a very leading position must be assigned to that so widely known under the title of Messrs. Virtue, Son & Co. The business of which they are now the enterprising proprietors was originally established in 1863 at the present premises under the title of Messrs. Virtue, McCullum & Ramsay. The firm occupy a very spacious block of buildings, consisting of warehouses, offices, workrooms, &c., all of which are well fitted and commodiously arranged. The workrooms contain all necessary appliances, and nothing has been omitted that could make the premises thoroughly complete.

    Messrs. Virtue are manufacturers of hats and caps in which branch of industry the firm has become widely noted in all directions. The chief features include all descriptions of high-class goods, Messrs. Virtue having paid due regard to the quality of the goods they make both as regards the material and the construction. Felt hats form a very large and important department, in which an extensive trade is done. Messrs. Virtue have devoted their attention to the production of hats that are of the highest class, as well as the cheaper kinds suitable for their home and foreign markets. Messrs. Virtue do a large business in tweed hats, and this department includes such as serge hats, tweed helmets, shooters, linen helmets, &c. The firm also command a very extensive trade in men’s straw, Leghorn, and Brazilian hats. Messrs. Virtue make a great variety of caps, especially such as men’s black and blue naval and military shapes, also in astrachan and seal caps. A large amount of business is also done in the Scotch or Glengarry caps. The department of Scotch caps likewise includes such as the well-known Tam o’Shanter, Saxony Almas, Havelocks, &c., chiefly for the American and Canadian markets.

    In addition to the trade in these departments the firm are also extensively engaged in the various branches that are connected with shirts, ties, braces, umbrellas, and waterproof garments. Over one hundred hands are employed, and the work is executed under careful supervision. A large and increasing trade is done not only throughout the whole of the United Kingdom but also abroad, in the colonies especially. The business has been rapidly developed under very energetic management, and ranks among the most prominent and thriving houses in the trade.

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