Waddell, Douglas & Co.

Waddell, Douglas & Co., Manufacturing Ironmongers, 13 and 15, Brown Street.—

    One of the most thriving and important houses in the ironmongery trade is that carried on by the well known and enterprising firm of Messrs. Waddell, Douglas & Co. The business has been in existence only a comparatively short space of time, but has, nevertheless, rapidly assumed a very prominent position, and commands a trade that is increasing both in extent and importance.

    Messrs. Waddell, Douglas & Co. occupy very well fitted and commodiously arranged premises, at 13 and 15 Brown Street, these comprising showrooms and workshops. A very efficient staff is engaged, and the firm execute a large amount of work in various branches of ironmongery.

    A leading feature of the business consists of the manufacture of malleable cabinet, hospital, and camp bedsteads ; also folding bed-chairs, a branch of the trade in which the firm have achieved more than ordinary success. One reason of this may be traced to the fact that the firm devote special attention to the class of workmanship exhibited in every article made. Nothing of an inferior character is allowed to emanate from this establishment, which has thus been so widely popular in the trade. In addition to the work done in the manufacture of bedsteads the stock includes a great variety of goods, of which a few of the more important descriptions may be mentioned. Special notice may be taken of goods connected with fire-irons, fenders, ash-pans, travelling and bonnet boxes, and articles of a similar character, of which the firm keeps a large stock in all sizes and designs.

    A considerable trade is also done in the various forms of kitchen and parlour grates, the firm supplying many of the most popular and renowned patents in this direction. A large supply of plumbers’ goods and materials is also kept, a considerable trade being done in this branch of the business. As far as the smaller articles of the stock are concerned they are extremely comprehensive in their nature.

    The firm are importers of white-metal goods, and the smaller items of the stock include box-irons, frying-pans, umbrella and other stands, shovels, coal vases, scoops, Scotch jelly pans, galvanised buckets and baths, fire brasses, and a host of other things of a similar description. The firm command a large business in giving estimates for all kinds of galvanized work and sheet-iron, and keep a staff of hands specially selected for this branch. A very large trade is done in every department, and the connection, which is extensive and increasing among the leading wholesale and retail establishments, comprises districts in all parts of Scotland and Ireland. The business is very ably conducted in every detail, and ranks among the most thriving and important of this particular branch of trade.

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