J. M. Waddell & Co.

J. M. Waddell & Co., Produce Brokers, 24, Oswald Street.

    This business was originally founded in 1868, under the title of Aitken & Waddell, and upon the death of Mr. Aitken some years ago it was henceforth continued in the sole partnership of the present proprietor. When first established it was carried on in the same thoroughfare as that in which the firm is now located, and was removed this year to the present address, where the firm occupies very large and spacious offices, with ample storage attached. They employ many assistants, and carry on a very large business.

    The proprietors are extensively engaged in importing a great variety of products from various parts abroad. A very large proportion of these come from America, both the United States Canada. Flour forms a very important branch of the trade, and the firm import enormous quantities from all parts of America. Another very important branch consists of such produce as foreign refined sugars and canned provisions, meats, fish, butter, fruits, &c., in which a large trade is done. Dried fruits, glucose, syrup, treacle, and many other similar products are also dealt in.

    Among the many prominent agencies Mr. Waddell holds there may be mentioned those of the Wester Sugar Refinery Company, of Amsterdam ; Peterson Brothers, Chicago, U.S.; Gordon & Dilworth, New York, U.S. ; Low, Sons & Co., London, Liverpool, &c. ; W. & D. Harvest, London ; Vve. Villedieu & ses Fils, Montpellier, France ; Scheurer Frres, Logelbach, Alsace ; John Adams, New York, U.S.A.; Maingay, Robin & Co., Naples, Italy ; Sluis & Groot, Enkhuizen, Holland ; C. Th. Lange, Danzig, Germany. In every department the firm have gained a widespread reputation for dealing in the most superior qualities, and a very extensive trade has been developed in all parts of the kingdom.

    Mr. Waddell supplies most of the principal wholesale warehouses in all parts of Scotland. The business is carried on in the most energetic manner, and the firm has attuned a deservedly prominent position in the trade.

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