R. D. Waddell

R. D. Waddell, Glasgow Sausage Works, Mount Street (West).—

    Many are the jokes that have been perpetrated time after time about the manufacture of sausages, the chief purport of which, of course, is derived from the fact that a great amount of faith has to be exercised in their consumption. The numerous satirical or witty remarks that have been made do not seem, however, to have affected the demand, as they are certainly more widely consumed in the present day than they ever were. If any doubts existed as to their popularity, they would be easily removed by a glance at the immense factory of Mr. R. D. Waddell, in Mount Street (West). These extensive works form 2 sides of a square.

    The main building is 5 stories in height, and the establishment in its entirety covers a large ground area. The basement contains the steam boiler and engine (25 horse power), the latter being very powerful and and of the most improved make. This portion of the building is used for mincing purposes, and the machinery used made from Mr. Waddell’s own designs, the largest ever manufactured, and capable of mincing 40 tons of meat per day. Above this flat will be found the packing rooms, where the various descriptions of Sausages, Scotch Puddings, and the other goods, are carefully packed for transmission to all parts of the kingdom.

    The flat above the ground floor is used for cutting up and preparing the meat, and the immense amount of work done in this department may be imagined from a knowledge of the fact that above 100 bullocks, and a similar number of pigs, are consumed weekly. The following preparations are made on the premises, viz.: Cambridge Pork and Steak Sausages, Frankfort Smoked, Boiling, Slicing, Luncheon, and Ham and Tongue Sausages, together with Scotch, Black, White, and Sweet Puddings, Scotch Haggis, Saveloys, &c., &c. The sausage-filling and smoking department occupies the whole of another flat. The filling machinery (Waddell’s patent) is driven by another engine of 15 horse-power, and it may be interesting to note that it is the largest, most productive, and the most perfect machinery in use in the United Kingdom.

    The top flat is used for boiling sausages, making brawn, potted head, and Scotch puddings. This is the only house in Scotland where steam power is brought into use for filling purposes, and which almost entirely dispenses with the hitherto “unavoidable” and objectionable necessity of the meat being handled. This is also protected by another of Waddell’s patents. On the second floor is a large refrigerator capable of holding 100 tons of meat (also constructed upon the proprietor’s plans), and which maintains the lowest degree of cold yet registered, viz. 5 degrees above freezing-point.

    In addition to the manufactory, Mr. Waddell has also retail establishments in St. George’s Road, Hillhead, Dennistoun, Napiershall Street, Elderslie Street, and High Street, Paisley. In each of these establishments (which are handsomely fitted up) there are refrigerators and mincing machines of the best type, and customers see the meat being minced after it is cut from the joint, so that they are absolutely guaranteed as to its purity and quality.

    The firm is also represented in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin, and in fact Mr. Waddell sends his famous sausages all over the kingdom. He has long been renowned in Scotland, and the business is now rapidly extending in England, Ireland, and Wales. For Glasgow and suburbs alone Mr. Waddell keeps 10 vans busily employed in making deliveries. This firm was the only one that obtained a medal at the Edinburgh International Exhibition of 1886.

    The most striking feature of the entire business at headquarters, and at the various branches, is the absolute cleanliness which everywhere prevails, as in a business of this description this is of the first importance, and Mr. Waddell insists on attaining it, not only in regard to his premises, but also in the persons of his employees. The reason of the popularity of this firm is undoubtedly due to the fact that the goods made are of the most superior quality, and the utmost reliance can be placed in the proprietor for using only the very best classes of meat. An enormous trade is done in all directions, and there are few instances in which such an extensive business has been so rapidly developed. The fame of the establishment is widespread, and the success achieved is indisputable. The firm’s telegraphic address is “Sausage, Glasgow”, and the telephone number is 972.

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