T. W. & J. Walker

T. W. & J. Walker, Hardware Manufacturers, 12, Renfield Street.—

    The hardware trade is to a very great extent confined to the neighbourhood of Wolverhampton. The district of Birmingham is greatly noted in connection with this very important industry. Among the largest manufacturers of hardware goods a very prominent position is held by the firm of Messrs. T. W. & J. Walker, of Wolverhampton. This firm, in addition to their branch in London, have also in Glasgow an important depot, which was established in 1868 by Mr. Howard Walker. It is now carried on under the very able direction of Mr. David Morris as agent, he being ably assisted by Mr. Thomas McGill.

    The premises occupied at the above address comprise a large fiat that includes a well-stocked showroom, offices, private rooms, &c. The stock is necessarily extremely varied in its character, as the firm are extensively engaged in the hardware and metal trade. A large supply of brass goods is kept, and in all departments of the general ironmongery trade the stock is extensive and varied. The special attention of the firm is directed to supplying ships’ chandlers with all goods required in the furnishing of vessels.

    One of the most noticeable features of the firm’s manufacture is that of corrugated iron. This description of metalwork has become extremely popular of late years, and Messrs. Walker having devoted special attention to the production thereof, have consequently become widely renowned for the superior qualities they produce. There is a very great demand for what is known as the “three crowns” quality, and enormous quantities of the class are shipped to the leading foreign markets.

    A considerable amount of success has been gained by Cyril Walker’s warranted self-setting rabbit and vermin trap. It is admirably constructed, and is so simple in its mechanism that it has commanded a very large and increasing sale. Through the medium of the Glasgow establishment a very large trade is done, and this is confined solely to the wholesale department. The business is conducted with very great energy, and the firm now stands in the foremost rank among the leading houses similarly engaged.

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